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Edna Pallares
Mexico City, 1965


A Sculptor. In her career she has insisted on the use of stone as a resource in place, but not without subjecting it to various thematic concepts. In her work she confronts us with the consciousness of ancestral origin and time as part of our history and the collective unconscious. Her pieces bring us back to life, and give life, linked to the same intimacy. For her, sculpture is a kind of archeology, a constant search for the fragments that once formed a whole. She rescues them and gives them an absolute dimension in her presence, what they represent and mean: in its simplicity. These pieces are scaled in fragmentation, intersect in different spaces and finding the channel in several places: in sculpture, in the drawing, in space, sensations and subtleties. They refer to what we relate to the objects themselves, to their size, weight, size, softness, thus useful-very-sensitive primary utilitarian, very basic that we have to relate to.

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