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Alejandrina Herrera
Monterrey, N.L. september 29, 1986


The nostalgia, the pencil drawing and the blank spaces are continuous references in my work. The meticulous and slow pencil drawing is a process against the current, where the scanning, production and contemplation of images is superficial and immediate. In the projection I make of this manual and cautious exercise I invite the spectator to contemplate decelerating. A moment to internalize and stop the speed in which we live.

Subjects, objects and environments I extract from old photographs and then they become common places for others. Triggers that resonate in our memories. Nintendo pistols, cars and houses with architecture of the time, to mention a few, as reference symbols of our imagination.

The storage of memories in our mind is usually presented in a fast, imprecise and abstract way. Therefore, the thumbnail represents this form of memory storage. The project is an attempt to recover the loss of valuable objects such as family photo albums and the memories contained within them. It is an attempt to recover the intimacy of memories in order to slow down the speed with which we currently perceive our relationships and personal histories.

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