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Victor Sánchez Villarreal
Mexico City, 1979


The project INVENTARIO by Víctor Sánchez Villarreal is a pictorial game where representation and representation coincide, or rather collide, leading us to reflect on the problem (epistemological, artistic, semiotic ...) of representation in general and of painting as a type special representation. The figure of the most diverse objects that surround us in everyday life has been traced and cut out on wood at a scale of 1: 1, and on that silhouetted support an oil painting has been executed that represents them, creating something like a double plane and completely useless of things. Reference and reference for a moment are confused, seem to exchange places ... then comes the surprise of becoming aware that these operations of recognition and substitution occur incessantly in our day to day. We also realize that painting before being an image is an object in its own right, with specific material conditions that determine its meaning.

Due to its progressive nature, INVENTARIO is a project in permanent expansion that has no foreseen conclusion. Since 2011 and up to now, the objects / paintings that compose it have been accumulating and this universe of things can be classified and ordered in the most diverse ways by categories, types, shapes or colors, sometimes incorporating discordant elements that allow to detonate critical readings or associations towards the history of art.

Abbreviating in the wide tradition of painting still lifes and trompe l'oeil, INVENTARIO takes painting to the seemingly basic operation of "naming" underlining the fundamental difference that exists between the approximation of the word and the image to reality of things.

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