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Vicente Rojo
Barcelona, Spain, 1932

Vicente Rojo Almazán was born in 1932 in Barcelona, city in which he studied sculpture and ceramics. In 1949 he arrived in Mexico, where he studied painting and typography, performing for over fifty years an extensive work as a graphic designer, painter and sculptor. He has also collaborated in the founding of editorials, cultural supplements and other publications.
Throughout his career, Vicente Rojo has held numerous solo exhibitions and has participated in countless group shows around the world. His painting is grouped into five main series: Signals, in which he works with basic geometric forms; Negations, arising from his intention that each painting denied the previous and to which it would follow; Memories, born of his attempt to abandon a difficult childhood; Mexico in the rain, conceived a day that saw rain in Tonantzintla, and Scenarios, composed of miniseries and which is a review of their previous themes and a sum of them. From 1980 onwards he began to alternate painting and sculpture in an attempt to enrich his work, in the center of which he encouraged the intention of reflecting, as in a set of mirrors, two solitudes, that of the creator and that of the possible spectator.

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