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Fernando Leal-Audirac
Mexico, 1958


Fernando Leal-Audirac is a refined and skillful artist, who does not fear to measure himself with the most varied and ancient painterly techniques, in order to explore its secrets, revisited and upgraded within a contemporary and very intimate code of communication. Painter, designer, etcher, fresco-painter, sculptor, Leal Audirac moves along on an extremely personal path that renders him immune from easy labeling. The artist, and with him the spectator, accomplishes a mythical travel of recognition of the human mind, of its restlessness and contradictions, analyzed with an attentive sight, sometimes ironic, but always fascinated. Leal Audirac, has participated twice in the Venice Biennale, the first one in the Centennial in 1995 and has shown his work in galleries and museums in the US, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Hungary, Rumania, Korea and South America. He has also participated as lecturer and academic tutor for several institutions in the Americas and in Europe. He has written numerous essays on art and literature and participated in several international symposiums regarding art, science and environment organized by the European Environmental Tribunal. He has been elected Artist of Honour of the Art Banking Club (Zürich). He lives and works in Milan.

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