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Carmen Arvizu
Mexico City, 1967


The composition in her work has three specific points that are directional signs to her paintings: the frames, the treatment of the figure and the line.

The material, shape and color are basic elements of her paintings, since she is convinced that the fundamental problem of art lies in these three elements, fresh and flawless technique, together to create a fantasy and an illusory world. Her work is matured, sensible and extraordinary. In her pictorial language she troubleshoots with a playful and fun way, creating an imaginary world made for a nice and subtle color palette and rich impasto.

Her personal artistic expression creates a very close bond with the viewer. The relationship between the game and thinking of painting the structure, composition, color musicality and articulation between the geometric and the organic reminds us of the relationship between what’s sensitive and what’s rational, a very peculiar feature in her work.

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