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Sandra Pani
Mexico City, 1964


This work is a return, a celebration, a review of all these years of painting, is a tribute to the craft and its validity, an affirmation of all that is true even with paint.

A tribute to the hand as a symbol of the ability to run your own life, hands that become branches and bloom, which on one another to form a column in turn, becomes a tree.

It is a dialogue between the ethereal and the tangible, the visible and the invisible, inner and outer, body and spirit, presence and absence, and the slick line, painting and drawing, color and transparency, the tree and the body. Dualities forming a whole. The eternal search for identity, the center, is latent in every stroke, the need to return to the source.

The spiritual path is a path leading down from multiplicity to unity, from the periphery to the center, "The end is the return." (Shabestari)

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