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Rodolfo de Florencia
Morelos, México, 1968


He is versatile and works with painting, photography and sculpture. Its production is defined by intense screening of the "iconic substance," an intensive iconographic labor, more than one figure, a kind of figuration which criticizes itself. It's a subversion of the figurative tradition based on a critique of representation. This process unavoidably goes through a sort of research of the semantic possibilities of the pictorial icon and of the way in which the pictorial icon has historically been handled within diverse artistic tendencies.

His work is primarily an ironic work that tends to be subversive against a scale of social values, and even against a stable definition of art. One of the resources of this irony is the allusion to the author, or to the author as part of the figurative work, and it is this combination of a poetic impulse and a game with the frivolity which helps to contextualize their work in the world of contemporary art.

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